Can Attorneys Help Regarding Health Insurance?

Can Attorneys Help Regarding Health Insurance
Can Attorneys Help Regarding Health Insurance

Can an attorney help me if my medical bills are denied by an insurance company or by employer’s health plan? Some of you probably have faced this situation. You already pay your health insurance premium on a regular basis, but when you claim it to pay your medical bill, the insurance company refuses to cover it. So, can you really sue the company with the help of an attorney?

Can an Attorney Help Regarding Health Insurance?

Each state in the United States has laws and regulations governing insurance, including health insurance. But they indeed vary. For example, the maximum time given to the insurance company to pay the customer’s claim. Some laws state that they have to pay the customer’s insurance claim within 30 days, while others can be less or more.

So, as long as you are sure that you are qualified and eligible for the claim, you can sue with the help of an attorney or lawyer if they fail to pay your claim within the given time.

Insurance companies that delay or even deny paying your claim while you are eligible for it, may be subject to punishments or sanctions in the form of warnings, restrictions on business activities, and revocation of the business license.

You can file a civil lawsuit on the basis of default according to the insurance regulations applied in your region.

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Reasons Why Your Health Insurance Claim is Denied

Before you decide to sue your health insurance company, make sure you are eligible for the claim. Here are the possible reasons why the company denies your claim.

The risk or loss you experience is not covered by the insurance policy

Each insurance product offers different benefits, and all of the benefits are listed in the insurance policy. For example, there is health insurance that covers inpatient care only or outpatient care only, while some others cover both. So, if you are hospitalized for inpatient care while your health insurance only covers outpatient care only, of course, you will not be covered. Therefore, make sure you read and understand the insurance policy well.

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Exceed the deadline

In a health insurance policy, clients are required to apply for reimbursement within a certain period of time according to the policy. If you don’t file the claim within the given time, your claim can be rejected.

That’s the answer to the question of can an attorney help me if my medical bills are denied by an insurance company or by my employer’s health plan (Health Insurance Lawyer)


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