Best and Coolest Translucent Camera Applications on Smartphones

List of the Best and Coolest Translucent Camera Applications on Smartphones
List of the Best and Coolest Translucent Camera Applications on Smartphones

Best and Coolest Translucent Camera Applications on Smartphones – As we said earlier, transparent camera applications on smartphones are very good at breaking through barriers, many are looking for it, especially men. However, women can also get to know this application so they can counter in the field or when joking with friends.

With the performance of the application being so sophisticated, it is only natural that it is popular and highly sought after by many people. So many developers are imitating and making similar applications. However, we will provide the best information and choices based on the sources we have compiled.

Moosejaw X-Ray

moosejaw x ray app

This Moosejaw X-Ray app was created by Photo and Imaging by Marxent Labs. In order to be able to download and install it, you have to find it yourself because it is not provided on the Google Play Store. There are so many sites that provide apk files that you can access by typing the keyword “Moosejaw X-Ray”.

This app can penetrate clothes worn by other people. It’s just that this application cannot be used by just anyone you meet. Applications can only penetrate clothes on people or photos that are in magazines made by Moosejaw. So, you are required to buy the magazine as well.

X-Ray Body Scanner

X Ray Body Scanner

The next camera application that can penetrate is the X-Ray Body Scanner. Almost similar to an application called Body Scanner Prank, which is to see images of the human body skeleton. How to use it is also quite simple. You just point the smartphone that has the application installed at the body of the person you want to see the bones of.

Girls Cloth Remover Body Scanner

As the name suggests, this application can remove clothes from the object being photographed by utilizing the Full Audery Body Scanner feature provided in the application.

Even so, the photo after removing the clothes is not a real photo. The result is a joke material for jokes with friends.

Full Body Scanner

Different again with this one application. This application has a size of 4.8 MB but can show all parts of the human body transparently.

With the help of this app, you can make fun of your friends by pretending to show their body parts. Of course this is not real and just a joke.

Scanning Body and Undressing People PRANK

Not much different from the applications mentioned above, this camera application can simulate other people’s body parts.

This means, through this application you will be able to watch other people’s body parts that are not blocked by solid objects including clothes and clothes.

The next transparent camera application is X-Ray Filter Photo. Uniquely, this application can scan organs in the body such as your cellphone as an x-ray tool.

Well, that’s List of the Best and Coolest Translucent Camera Applications on Smartphones. Please download the application and use it wisely, friend!!!