How to Download the Invisibility Camera App Safely

How to Download the Invisibility Camera App Safely
How to Download the Invisibility Camera App Safely

How to Download the Invisibility Camera App Safely – As we explained in the previous article, there are tips and tricks for safely installing the camera application on their respective smartphones. Well, we will explain it here.

This camera application has a very good ability. The camera can penetrate what is blocking his field of vision. Therefore, it is quite sought after by men and I don’t know why. Even women can install this application. Yes, different people have different motives. However, it is expected to use it wisely.

This capability makes this camera app one of the trending ones with lots of downloads and installs. Many developers are developing similar applications. However, We will choose the good ones for our readers.

As explained earlier that we use the help of 9Apps. This is an application store application that has almost the same function as the Google Play Store. 9Apps has a lighter file size than Google PS, which is around 3.2 Mb. So, the quota you spend doesn’t need a lot. 9Apps also uses light memory. So, you can still use 9Apps even though there are tons of apps on your phone.

In addition, the applications or games found in the app store are mostly free. Sometimes you can even find paid apps on Google PS, but you can find them for free on 9Apps. Wow enough to make you happy isn’t it. The camera app that we want to download is also free.

Best Camera Apps

To download this see-through camera application, you must use 9Apps that have been set as follows:

  • Open the “Settings/ Settings/ Settings” menu on your phone
  • Go to the menu “Security / Security”
  • Enter a check mark in the “Unknown Sources” section.
  • Continue the 9Apps installation process as you normally would

The Process of Installing the 9Apps Store Application on Smartphones

  • Find apk type file from 9Apps then download it
  • Open the installation result then install it on your cellphone
  • Once installed then open the 9Apps application and the settings as below:
  • Turn on the “Show Ad-ult contents” menu option
  • Go to 9Apps settings menu
  • Search the search box
  • Enter the words “Translucent Camera” in the search box
  • After displaying several related applications, scroll down until you find the application “Camera Translucent Daleman”
  • Please download
  • After after the download process then immediately install.

If this app can’t run properly then try to check again if there are things that you missed. Or check again whether the 9Apps application that you downloaded is an application that is not up to date. If not, please update first so that this app can work properly.

If later warning signs appear when installing, then ignore it. Don’t be scared right away and cancel the download. This app has been widely downloaded and installed on various smartphones and has been proven to be safe so far. Why does the danger warning appear? Because you are installing an application that is not from the google play store.

In the end good luck and have fun. Reminded again that this application can only be used by certain people.

If you find it difficult to find the application on 9Apps, please just install some of the applications that we have prepared. Just click the “INSTALL NOW” button below.

That is info about How to Download the Invisibility Camera App Safely. Grab it fast!