How to Get Deakin Financial Assistance For Students ?

How to get Deakin Financial Assistance
How to get Deakin Financial Assistance. Image source: ElasticComputeFarm dari Pixabay Free License

How to Get Deakin Financial Assistance For Students ? Are you a student of Deakin University? As a student, sometimes there is time you face financial difficulties and need financial support. If you are a student of Deakin University, do not be worried. The university provides financial help, such as financial counselling and interest-free loans. What other kinds of financial assistance does Deakin University provide? How to get Deakin financial assistance?

Interest-Free Student Loans

Deakin University offers interest-free student loans for expenses related to study, to students who need financial support and are progressing satisfactorily with their studies. So, in order to be eligible, students must use the loan for study-related expenses. For example, placements and learning costs, such as travel expenses, train tickets, reasonable accommodation costs, and reasonable petrol costs. Students can also use the load for study-related technology and course-related equipment.

There are some expenses that are considered on a case-by-case basis, which are reasonable living costs related to students’ studies, non-elective medical expenses related to students’ studies, and one off expenses, such as rent and bond. Students cannot use these interest-free student loans for expenses that are not related to their studies. For example, vacations, interstate travel that is not required for studies, and other personal expenses. It is also not available for costs incurred before students start their studies at Deakin University and other people’s expenses.

Terms of Interest-Free Student Loans

Below are the terms apply to Deakin’s interest-free student loans:

  • • The maximum amount of loan is $2,000 at one time.
  • • Loans of $501 to $2,000 requires a guarantor.
  • • Students must be at least 18 years old.
  • • Up to $500 loans usually do not require a guarantor. First study period students must have a guarantor in order to be eligible to apply for a loan for a maximum of $500.
  • • Students must repay the loans within a maximum of 2 years or 6 weeks before the end of the last exam period. Or, the date on which the borrower stops to be a student of Deakin University.
  • • Students can apply for a loan at any time. But, the University will not accept loan applications within 6 weeks of the last day of examinations in the final trimester, from students who are undertaking the final year of their course, except in particular circumstances.


Deakin University also provides financial counselling in the term of budgeting. One of the services is managing expenses. They will help students to plan a budget. The university provides a budget planner who can help students prepare for the coming year. So that students can make sure that they will not run out of money for essential things they need to pay for during the year.
In order to get financial assistance from Deakin University, students need to contact Student Central or a financial assistance officer whose contacts can be found in the official website of Deakin University. On the official website, students can also fill in and submit an online enquiry form.

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